Blue Line

Blue Line – The peace of mind that ensures fertility.

First of all, the soil. The basic workshop of farms is fertile soil. Their future depends on profitability and competitiveness in relation to costs. In order to maintain a high production value, Inter Tech provides a comprehensive package of unique design solutions, applied to a wide range of machines, dedicated to working in the most difficult conditions.


Green Line

We realise that herd nutrition matters. We have set ourselves the goal of finding a balance between high nutritional feed value and optimising production costs. With the wide range of reliable machines in our portfolio, this plan is easy to achieve. Furthermore, the use of innovative solutions guarantees the protection of grassland and prevents overexploitation.


Loader Line

Being a leader in the agricultural machinery market is a recognition of the quality, reliability, and innovation of the products offered. The position of a leader requires a constant pursuit of product improvement to meet the growing demands of customers and maintain market trust.


Blue Line

In autumn and winter, road conditions can be difficult. The weather can be fickle and unpredictable. Only reliable machines ready to fulfill their role can provide comfort and safety. Well-thought-out solutions guarantee readiness for daily challenges regardless of the weather variability.


Smart Line

We are aware of the difficult and unpredictable conditions in which farmers work. Time and precision are key in running agricultural farms.

The quantity and diversity of daily tasks often require reliable equipment to increase their work efficiency. The choice of accompanying machines can streamline and facilitate their work.