Inter Tech. Good Job.

15 June 2023

Inter Tech. Good Job.

Inter Tech. Good Job.

What are the most important dates in the history of Inter-Tech?

Our company started its production activity in 2008, and two years later introduced front loaders to its offer. In 2017, we divided the products into lines and the following year, we purchased additional land and expanded the production plant equipped with a modern machine park, based on CNC technology. Furthermore, Inter-Tech has consistently developed its product range, added in 2021 with products from the Blue, Green, and Orange series. That same year, we focused on the automation and robotics of the machine park – also starting the construction of another modular hall.

Regarding the latest investments, in 2023 we introduced an ERP system for production management, and additionally expanded our product offerings.

Could you please introduce the current offer of the company?

In 2017, due to the company’s constantly expanding offer, products were divided into lines. The chronologically oldest line with equipment and accessories, such as: grips, buckets, crocodiles, conveyors or high loading boxes, was given the name Smart. The Loader line, which includes flagship products of Inter-Tech, covered front loaders and TUZs.

Next in line, Orange is municipal machinery. Field machines have been categorized under the name Blue. The Green line is the so-called green machines. The youngest and concurrently most technologically advanced – the Silver line including cesspool trucks was introduced in 2017. Currently, the portfolio includes more than 250 different types of machines and this number is constantly growing.

Who is the company’s offer directed to? What is the main group of recipients?

Inter-Tech is primarily associated with agriculture, but a wide range of products means that the final recipient is anyone who requires reliable equipment for work. Our company’s portfolio includes machines useful in gardening, forestry or municipal enterprises.

How is the distribution of the offered products organized?

We are building a dealer network in Poland, Europe and around the world. Our machines can be found in countries such as: Denmark, Germany, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, the USA or Israel. Modern, large enterprises are currently only based on this method of distribution.

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