Front Loader IT 1300


Front Loader IT 1300

The IT 1300 front loader is a solid agricultural tool, perfect for loading and unloading various materials on the farm. With a load capacity of 1,300 kg and a net weight of 590 kg, this model guarantees reliability and efficiency in everyday work.
Thanks to the lifting height to the frame rotation axis of 3,650 mm and the loading height of up to 3,400 mm, the IT 1300 loader enables easy and quick transfer of materials to a considerable height. Optimally selected loading and unloading angles shorten the working time, which translates into greater efficiency of loading and unloading operations.
Recommended equipment options for this model are a piston shock absorber and a quick coupler that speeds up the installation of equipment on the loader. The piston shock absorber effectively absorbs shocks, providing the operator with a full sense of work comfort, and the quick coupler facilitates quick and convenient installation of additional equipment.
The IT 1300 front loader can be fitted to most agricultural tractors with power ranging from 60 HP to 120 HP, making it a versatile and universal tool for every farm.

ModelIT 1300
Machine no.L1
Hydraulic cylinder (mm)70/40/500
Lifting capacity (kg)1300
Tractor power (HP)60-120
Weight (kg)590
Lifting height to the frame rotation axis (mm)3650
Loading height (mm)3400
Type of tools connectionEURO or SMS
Type of supportsSupport foot
Type of mounting on the tractorBolts
Frame EURO or SMSstandard loader
Self locking framestandard loader
3-section hydraulicstandard loader
Joystickstandard loader
Colourstandard loader
Schock absorberszczególnie polecane loader
Multifasterpolecane loader
Electro-hydraulic divideropcja loader
Accurate levelingopcja loader
Hydraulic frame closingopcja loader
4-sectionopcja loader
Installation at the manufacturer's premisesopcja loader
Installation at the dealer or end customeropcja loader
Service packageszczególnie polecane loader




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Front Loader IT 1300

Front Loader IT 1300

Model: IT 1300

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