Front Loader IT 1800 Green Power

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Front Loader IT 1800 Green Power

Front Loader IT 1800 Green Power

IT 1800 GREEN POWER is an innovative front loader that is distinguished by extraordinary parameters and properties. With a load capacity of 1,800 kg and a weight of only 487 kg, it is a product created with the needs of farmers and the requirements of organic farming in mind.
Thanks to its modular design, the loader guarantees higher durability and fewer components. Reduced front axle load and changed tractor center of gravity ensure, among others, reducing soil compaction in agricultural fields, which translates into a neutral impact on its texture and structure.
The unique design of IT 1800 Green Power reduces the load on tractor assemblies, which contributes to reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, improving the durability of components and extending the life of working fluids.
The IT 1800 Green Power front loader is not only practical help on the farm, but also a tribute to environmental protection.

ModelIT 1800
Machine no L8
"Hydraulic cylinder (mm) " 80/45/500
Load capacity (kg) 1800
Tractor power (HP) 75
Weight (kg) 487
Lifting height to the frame rotation axis (mm) 4031
Loading height (mm) 3075
Type of tools connection EURO lub SMS
Type of supports Support foot
Steerage Joystick
Type of mounting on the tractor Overrun system
Frame EURO or SMS standard loader
Self locking frame standard loader
3-section hydraulic standard loader
Joystickstandard loader
Colourstandard loader
Piston shock absorber szczególnie polecane loader
Quick connectorpolecane loader
Electro-hydraulic divideropcja loader
Tilt indicatoropcja loader
Hydraulic frame closingopcja loader
4-sectionopcja loader
Service package szczególnie polecane loader




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Front Loader IT 1800 Green Power

Front Loader IT 1800 Green Power

Model: IT 1800 Green Power

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